The British International School Krabi

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The quality of your child's education depends partly on the amount time they spend studying, but also on the quality of the schools that they attend, the environment in which they learn, and the amount of care that their educators put into teaching them.

In short, the more your children enjoy their learning, the better their education will be. To achieve this, BISK / BISN aims to provide high standards in the following areas:

*Safe and Orderly Atmosphere. Discipline and academic success go hand-in-hand. Where there is chaos or fear, little learning occurs. Good schools are havens of conduct and mutual respect. The building is clean. The rules are clear-and enforced.

*A Clear Academic Mission. Good schools spell out the knowledge and skills that children must acquire. They have a coherent course of study focused on English, math, science, history,  geography and the arts. Most of the day is devoted to these care subjects.

*Attention to Character. Good schools treat children as moral beings. They teach about right and wrong. Teachers help train children in habits that lead to better lives.

*Fine Teachers. Teachers are the heart of any education enterprise. Good schools are full of adults of sound character who like children know the material, and effectively impart knowledge and skills. Good schools reward greatness in teaching and refuse to tolerate mediocrity.

*Strong Leadership. It is rare to find a good school without a strong principal. The vision she holds has much to do with how well pupils will learn. She puts academic first. She protects the school day for teaching and learning.


                                               Our Mission

“Twelve years ago we started our School and from small beginnings we are now up to grade 12. With a staff of over 40 we continue to grow, but not too big. Our classes are small and personal. We follow the British Curriculum, providing the best schooling in  Krabi.

Do visit and see for yourself!



Dr. phil. Pimonmas Phontong

            School Director



High Expectation. Attitudes toward learning often become self-fulfilling prophecies. Schools that maintain high standards get greater academic achievement from children. Schools that offer dumbed-down lessons, trivial books and slipshod standards get little in return.

*Homework. Achievement rises when teachers give homework and children conscientiously do it. Little homework indicates a school that doesn't take academic seriously. Evaluation and Feedback. Good schools hold all their students accountable for meeting standards. They monitor how children are performing. They provide feedback to teachers and pupils. Teachers give honest grades. They recognize and reward success. They intervene in the event of failure.

*Parent Involvement. Good schools are surrounded by the parents who monitor and assist with academics, stay in touch with teachers, and raise children who are well-behaved and ready to learn. Good teachers view parents as allies and invite them to join the education enterprise.

*A Sense of Community. A good school is a welcoming place where youngsters know, that adults care deeply about them. All its participants- grownups and children alike-share enthusiasm, pride, and a sense of common purpose.